nedelja, 20. marec 2016

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

Hello my dear friends,

Last year some of you were encouraging me to take one step forward and audition for the Graphic 45 Design team. Honestly I thought you have all gone mad. :) I have been folowing the current Graphic 45 Design team at the time and scrolling with my mouth wide open through their projects. But I have developed a lot through the last year and somewhere in the middle my desire to be a part of this amazing team and take a Design Team journey with such an amazing company and products became very very strong. I was anxiously waiting for the Big Announcment on the Graphic 45 blog and finally it became the reality. But... A week ago my mother died after three hard and very painful months of strugling with a cancer and I thought I won't be able to try to make my dreams come true. But the desire was big. So big that I overcame all of the circumstances and managed to audition in the last moment.

So without further adieu, I present to you my three most recent projects with Graphic 45 products and a tutorial. It is a picture and text heavy post so I advise you to grab a cup of coffee along the way. :)

In crafting world I am most impressed with three dimensional projects that have an added value. This is also the tendency that I try to keep in my creative ideas. Such is also my first project. Beautiful and useful. It is a Bird Home made with paper cage on a stand covered in gorgeous blooms. Two birds are resting on the cage and keeping eyes on their treasure inside the cage, where soon new life is going to be born. Butterflies are fluttering by and Spring is in the air. Cage stands on the box in which pendant necklace with a vial is hidden. I captured a part of the Spring scene inside of it. The project is mostly made with "Botanical Tea" collection and "Time to celebrate" collection.

My second project captures the second type of crafting I love most. It is the making of miniature worlds. I created a Beach scene on the drawer box that I made out of a chipboard. There is a mighty Lighthouse on the rocks, with a Pier and a boat tied to a Pier. On the sandy beach in the Blue Lagoon two kids are playing carefree, folowing the Beach Rules given. There is also a Beach hut and a deckchair with an umbrella. A small vial was stranded on the coast with a hidden message inside that sais "Relax". Beach is full of smal seashells and crabs are sunbathing on the hot rocks. Such a perfect day! Inside of the drawer a mini album is hidden to store some special summer memories. The project is made mostly with "By the sea" collection.

And my last of the three projects is a replica of antique phone that is actually a phone book, hidden in the inside of the dial. I made the pattern by myself and cut it from the chipboard. The project is mostly made with the "Times Nouveau Classic" collection. Behind the women on the right there is also a small pencil stand hidden. I embellished some stencils with black feathers and Graphic 45 papers. Does it take you to the old times too?

In the last months I love to make boxes with miniatures that I call Fairytale treasure chestboxes. So I decided that I would bring you a tutorial for one of them, made with "french Country" collection. I hope you'll enjoy it.

And here are some of my other chestboxes that I've made with Graphic 45 paper collections:

I hope you enjoyed our journey together. To all of those who apply to the audition I wish all of the best. Wouldn't it be amazing if all of us could have made it into the team?! :) For all the others wish me luck and keep fingers crossed with me! Have a great week ahead! I would be really greateful for your support and your comments make me happy always. ;)

Hugs, Aleksandra