ponedeljek, 31. oktober 2016

Sky is the limit

I love making mixed media projects, mostly 3d art. There is something magical in it that makes my heart sparkle :) My today's inspiration came from Mixed Media Place Mood Board, so I made a hot air baloon in the middle of a blooming meadow. I used a lightbulb to create a hot air ballon, some 13arts sprays and rainbows and flowers from various Graphic45 paper collections. I also made a video tutorial for you. You can find it at the end of the post. Enjoy watching!

Hope you liked it! Thank you for your visit and your comments! They make my day a bit brighter! :)

sobota, 22. oktober 2016

Amazing Autumn

Those of you who know my work, are well aware that one of my favourites are exploding boxes. Today I made a mixed media exploding box in autumn colors, with colorful leaves and golden flowers and wishing well. It's perfect for this time and today we've had almost perfect sunny autumn day, so I had my inspiration just looking outside the window. I also made a tutorial for you, so you can make it by yourself. I hope you'll get inspired somehow...

Tutorial on how to make an exploding box "Amazing Autumn":

And Maja Design Papers: Summertime with gorgeous leaf pattern.

And also entering into 13arts - hoped I'll be able to use some of the sprays and paints but the parcel didn't yet arrive :) So I'm looking forward and anxiously waiting for the next week to come. :D

torek, 18. oktober 2016

Never too late to follow your dreams

Dreams... we all have dreams. But in order to make our dreams come true we have to invest a lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort. Dreams don't work unless we do. And sometimes going after your dreams can be a big challenge to us. But they say if something doesen't challenge us it also doesen't change us. And change is good... it means we are alive and chasing our dreams...

I captured all of this in my today's layout, which is all about dreams, hopes, and ...dancing. I was inspired by a word "Change" and Ombre effect which are the main themes of this month's More Than Words challenge. And this time I also have a video tutorial for you. It's my first one so be gentle with me :D

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think! I'll be very happy! :)