torek, 31. januar 2017

"Dream Garden" ballerina shoes

I just love turning unusual objects into art. And these ballerina shoes were no exception. I have my book of ideas where I put down everything that pops in my mind and I think it could be great for a project. I had my Ballerina shoes in there for quite some time. But since I haven't had the idea quite clear yet on what to do with them, they stayed safe inside. But few days ago I got the idea on how to upgrade them to art and although I didn't quite know what I should do next, I went with the flow. And this is what came out of it. I have to say I adore them! They will be hanging in my daughter's bedroom to warm her heart each day!

I also made a video, if you want to make one for yourself. Hope you'll like it!


It is yet another project that fits perfectly to Berry71Bleu Challenge this month. Hurry up and join in, there is only few hours left. :)