ponedeljek, 13. avgust 2018

Junk Journal for Graphic 45 with Place in Time DCE

Hello my dear sweet crafty friends and all the Graphic 45 fans! I'm so very happy to be again with you, sharing my monthly inspiration for the amazing Graphic 45 products. This month some of the Brand Ambassadors were challenged to make Junk Journal with Graphic 45 goodies and left overs. I decided to make a lovely Vintage Junk Journal with Graphic 45 ATC Book Box, some random leftover papers, few ATC policy envelopes and tags and gorgeous "Place in Time" DCE collection.

I wanted to do a small Junk Journal that wouldn't take much space and where I could have some photos and beautiful quotes collected together. ATC Book Box was a perfect fit for the size of it, so I decided to remove the inner box and dress it into beautiful natural Canvas.

I always had this perception that Junk Journal should be Vintage looking, although these are just perceptions we sometimes create in our mind. So my next adventure will surely be another Junk Journal in a different style soon, because making this one was tons of fun! You should definitely try it out if you haven't done it before! And you can also join this month's Graphic 45 challenge and maybe win an amazing prize!