petek, 22. februar 2019

"Life is like a Box of Chocolates..." Altered Box with Finnabair

Hi dear friends. 

It's my turn to inspire you again on Finnabair blog and I'm so happy to be here with you today. 

I've had this project in my mind for some time now and I felt it finally was time to make it happen. I feel it was the perfect way to share with you and show you arround all the new amazing Finnabair products that were released in past weeks.

I've altered one of my Chocolate boxes and I've hidden a real treasure inside. Come and take a look. :) 

"Life is like a Box of Chocolates..." You will taste sweetness, bitterness, happiness and sadness. Embrace them all, as every single "taste" is giving you a different experience and an opportunity to grow. Rise above them all and move fiercely and bravely to the person you want to become and with each experience a step closer to goals you want to achieve.