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Julie's Princess Birthday Party

Today is a special day for the Flourishes Family to celebrate our Birthday Girl - Julie Koerber!  And Julie is definitely worth celebrating!  She’s the right hand on so many levels of what’s beautiful about Flourishes, and we’re so grateful for her and blessed to also call this lovely lady friend.  

This summer a number of the Flourishes Senior Design Team girls gathered for a weekend in Yellowstone National Park.  It was a fantastic time of fun!  One of the great things some of the girls did was go Whitewater Rafting.  Because there were family members along, Julie graciously said she’d sit in the middle of the raft so the kids could get the most out of the experience.  The raft guide however thought that would be a fun opportunity to tease Julie about her “Princess" status.  She gracefully took it and we love to tease her about it - and so the idea for this Princess Birthday Hop was born!  Julie we love you and your fun, spunky spirit, and also the warmth and grace you live your life with!  Happy Birthday from all of us at Flourishes!  

I was thinking what to make for Julie and since I sadly do not own "Make a wish" set from Flourishes yet, I tried to make a compromise. Since every lovely princess needs a magic stick (at least according to my little girl's opinion) I made you one Julie, so that every single wish you have for your life will came true! I wish you all the best Julie! Happy Birthday! May it be full of love, joy and laughter!

We invite you to hop along today with many of our Flourishes Family to see our pretty Princess and Birthday inspiration, and join in on our wishes for Julie!

Comment along the way and you could be entered to win any Birthday set of your choice from the Flourishes Store!  Winners will be chosen and announced on Saturday November 23rd on the Flourishes Blog.

And don’t forgot to drop by Julie’s place to send her your Happy Birthday wishes too!

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Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Heather Jensen
Silke Ledlow
Stacy Morgan
Tosha Leyendekker
Cheryl Lea
Deborah Anton
Jenny Gropp
Judy Rozema
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  1. What a darling, magical birthday wand. Perfect for Princess Julie's birthday, I'll bet she loves it. Very creative Aleksandra.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a darling idea for a princess party!! Aleksandra, this is just adorable!! :)

  3. Of course! Every Princess needs a magic wand. VERY clever and creative. I do have that stamp set and I LOVE the happy, happy, joy, joy stamp! Well done!

  4. I would love to make one of these for my granddaughter; what a treasure!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! You ladies are like FAIRY GOD MOTHERS! :) I don't know WHAT ELSE Julie could wish for this birthday!!!!!!!!!!! You've ALL COVERED EVERYTHING!!!!!! What a PRETTY WAND!!!!!!!!!!!!:) WISH AWAY JULIE, MAYBE some CAKE????:)

  6. This is SO fun and adorably princess themed! So creative Aleksandra!

  7. Oh my! I have never had my own personalized Magic Wand before and to think someone is hoping I use it to make all my wishes come true? That's pretty special!!! ;-) Thank you so much for the well wishes -- you ladies have truly made my birthday one to remember!!!

  8. Wonderful!! A magic wand to make every wish come true. What a fabulous birthday idea.

  9. Kako super si se spomnila, da si naredila carobno palcko za princesko. Lepa in elegantna.

  10. Your daughter is sooo right and yours is beautiful. TFS.
    Crafty hugs,

  11. Your daughter is right. I believe it is an essential for a princess. Great job. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Every princess needs a magic wand. Love this. You did a great job. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. How fun and perfect for the princess!

  14. Yay magical princess wand! Everyone needs one of those. I think I need one for my cubicle at work! That way I can solve all the problems with a wave of a wand! :)

  15. Love the fairy god mother wand perfect for a princess! Have a Blessed day!

  16. The magic wand is what every birthday princess needs. With this lovely accessory, every birthday wish of hers will come true for sure!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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