sobota, 23. september 2017

"Production of Time" altered can-woman

Hi dear friends. I'm at 7 kids challenge blog today and at the same time I'm presenting my project for yet another Itac '17 Tournament challenge - Europe. The main subject of the challenge was The face of the Printmaking. We were challenged to celebrate the multicultural society of Europe, with many different it's faces, which were the source of great inventions and discoveries that have shaped the world, with focusing on Printmaking as one of the important ones. In achieving that we had to use A Face, Papers (newspaper, printed papers,...), Letters and Numbers, Blue for the color of European Union, Ribbon, twine, string or lace, Textures and something both Vintage and Modern. I think I managed to include them all. I made an altered can-woman. 

I wanted to symbolize the time passing by from the old times to the new, modern times. I used paintbrush for the head of the woman as one of the oldest "inventions" and I made a can-woman out of it to symbolize the process of "robotizing" in modern age. I named my project as it fits - Production of time. She is holding a pen in one hand and a newspaper in other hand, again symbolizing old times with writing and modern times with mass printing. 

Hope you'll like my girl as much as I do. I also have today for you a video tutorial on my youtube channel so you can play a bit and make one of your own.

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