sobota, 03. marec 2018

"Time heals, dries tears"

Hi my dear crafty friends,

Since the last few sad days and weeks I was having troubles creating beautiful things. I told my dear friend Jammie that it is like you are in a dark and trying to create something beautiful and it gets realy hard sometimes. So she said... create something sad, something dark, to give all that saddness and darkness out of you. And this photo spoked to me and I found it fits perfectly to new Prima marketing Amelia Rose collection. So I made two tags.

I just received my new DT package from my dear Kelly and her 7 Kids Your crafting supply store and between all the yummy goodies there was Prima marketing Amelia Rose collections and some amazing embellishments that all fit perfectly to my idea.

You can find the supplies in 7 Kids Your crafting supply store:

Hope you'll like my project and it inspires you wherever you are in your life. If you are having tough times like me, I hope it brings you some comfort!

Hugs, Aleksandra

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