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"School days are over" altered alarm clock for Graphic 45

Hi dear crafty friends and Graphic 45 fans,

I'm with you on my blog again today, to share my second Graphic 45 project for this month. The school is over and my kids are enjoying their first days of summer holidays. Although my work gets kind of put asside in summer time, since my kids are also keeping me busy during the day, and a lot of work has to be done when everybody is asleep, I still enjoy summer days when things get a bit slower and days more peaceful. And you know what I love most these days? My alarm clock doesen't buzz off in the middle of the night.

So this alarm clock from Tim Holtz was just a perfect fit together with gorgeous Graphic 45 "An ABC Primer" Deluxe collector's edition to make a project for the end of the School days. Hope you'll like it!

Tip: I love to use this alarm clock without the front glass. This way I can build such a beautiful story with papers inside the clock and everything gets to be even more dimensional.

Tip: Graphic 45 has awesome Washi Tape pack, that often goes overlooked, but is so beautiful and is perfect to cover any round shaped surfaces, like this alarm clock.

Tip: These gorgeous Graphic 45 Chipboard pieces and also their metal embellishments are just perfect to hang them on the project. They add so much interest to it!

For all of those who would like to try something similar by yourself, I prepared a full tutorial on my youtube channel. Feel free to stop by and subscribe:

Graphic 45 products used for the project are:

- "An ABC Primer" Deluxe collector's edition,
- Graphic 45 Staples - Washi Tape Set,
- Graphic 45 Staples - Metal Door Plates & Knobs,
- Graphic 45 Staples - Ornate Metal Key Holes,
- Graphic 45 Staples - Ornate Metal Keys.

Hope you liked my inspiration! Enjoy your day and see you soon again!

Hugs, Aleksandra

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is truly adorable!! I just love everything about it and am looking forward to watching your video of it's creation! Thank you so much for sharing- you truly have represented Graphics 45 Brilliantly!,Aleksandra!
    Jackie xo


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