petek, 03. avgust 2018

Altered Lightbulb Hot Air Balloon

Hello my dear blogoland friends :)

It's my second time today here with you and I'd like ti share with you another one of my latest creations. I've made a Hot Air Balloon out of a Lightbulb before but wanted to do it once again so many times. So today I stepped in those shoes and finally finished it.

I've used some lovely quotes from Prima marketing "Love Story" collection. "Dream Big"... Such a strong quote! You always have to dream big and encourage others to do the exact same thing! If you dare to dream big, you'll fly on the wings and the only limit is the sky above you! So Dream Big my friends!

Thank you my dear crafty friends for stopping by and leaving some love! Thank you for always supporting me and helping me Dream Big! So many times you are the ones who lift me up when I feel down.

Hugs to all,

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