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"Moonlight Dreams and Whispers" for Finnabair

Hello dear friends! 

I'm so so excited and happy to be here with you for the first time as Finnabair Creative team member to inspire you and bring you some fresh ideas! I've created for you a project "Moonlight Dreams and Whispers".

My heart always skips a bit when getting an idea of altering some unusual objects and incorporating them into my projects. I had this idea of altering a reaping hook - sickle, but wasn't sure how to do it. But I somehow realized through the years, that you have to sometimes just jump in it and just enjoy creating and there is no doubt something beautiful will come out of it. I used it to support my composition. Can you spot it?

Because the Impasto paints are very thick and have an amazing coverage I decided not to add gesso as a base. I applied Impasto paint in a shade of an Eggplant and then added various Opal Magic paints on top to achieve kind of mystical and magical look. On the Reaping Hook I also added some additional texture using Stone Effect Pastes.

There are two reasons I absolutely adore Finnabair Waxes - one is that they give just a perfect and almost dreamy finishing touch and this was exactly what I was looking for. And the second one is the smell... I just love to pick up all my projects covered with them because they smell so good. I was using Amethyst Magic, Mystic Turquoise and White Gold wax. Perfect combination!

My main composition consists of various Mechanicals embellishments and I also added some beautiful Prima flowers and 7 Dots Studio word stickers. I covered embellishments again with Impasto paint Aubergine and with all the same Opal Magic colors and waxes as on the base to blend them together with the background.

As the final touch I couldn't resist adding some white splashes with diluted Snow White Impasto paint, so that the base looks like a starry night sky.

I also made a video tutorial, sharing the process.

I hope I inspired you to create something beautiful on your own and to just be yourself and dare. It is important in your life as well as in all your creative adventures.

Enjoy your day and I can't wait to be with you again next time!
Hugs, Aleksandra

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