petek, 11. januar 2019

New Unicorn Paste and waxes from Finnabair

Hi my dear friends,

I'm sure you've allready seen the new release from Prima by Finnabair? It is AMAZING! I've had the honours and joy to try of both allready and I'm totally totally in love! The new Unicorn paste is a must, specially for all who like to create dreamy and magical projects. It is easy to apply and has a transparent finish with lots of sparkle You can apply it on top of every color it suits you or even mixed it with some colors or mica powders to create your own unique paste. And the new waxes are stunning too! They have added pigment inside, which makes them really special and gives them good coverage! I love them and the new colors are so so beautiful! Oh and not even mentioning... they smell absolutely delicious! Both Unicorn paste and new waxes are an absolute MUST HAVE for all who love enjoying in Mixed Media art. I'm sure you'll love them to bits.

I've played with them a bit and made this beautiful Unicorn out of a Horse, with a sleigh carrying an important message from Finnabair Art Daily release: "Quit hiding your magic. The world is ready for you!".

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your day and see you soon with some new projects!
Hugs, Aleksandra

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