četrtek, 08. junij 2017

Thank you teacher exploding box

Hi dear crafty friends :)

The end of the school year is almost here. I have three kids and this time of the year is very special to them. So it is special and important for me also. A large part of their daily time is spent in school and in kindergarten. They have the best teachers in the whole world, that treat them as their own and help them to grow and spread their wings. And they deserve some appreciation and thanks. And this exploding box seems just perfect for it. 

I used Nitwit collections digital papers. A collection "At the park" which is perfect for the occasion. You can find it HERE. And another one a little bit more girly - "Pinky Swear collection", yo can find HERE. I loved this little girl with a jump rope so much I had to add it to the box.

Hope you'll like my project. :) Have a great day and see you soon again. ;)


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  1. O madonca, tole pa je otroško igrišče z velikim WAW ali pa kakšnim drugim bojnim krikom, ki ga bo spustila učiteljica. Vsa čast ti za ta izdelek.


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