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Graphic 45 2018 Brand Ambassador Audition

Hi my dear crafty friends.
Today... well today is a BIG day for me. I've been thinking and working a lot these last few days, trying to bring the best projects out of me to apply for my biggest dreams that slipped through my fingers two years ago. My all time favourite Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador Audition 2018. 

This was actually quite hard. I had so many ideas for various projects in my mind and the hardest part for me was to choose two out of them, that would represent me good and would fit best to the purpose. The first one was made up right from the start, but the second was a battle... hard battle between few, but I finally made up my mind. So I stand here today, sharing them with you and crossing my fingers that this would be enough to make this year my lucky year, despite all the sad things that allready marked it a bit! I know the battle will be hard, there are so many amazing artist out there that I deeply cherish and admire, but it would be an utmost honour for me to be chosen for this amazing dream position. So without further ado, here are my two projects:

Sun shaped Sun kissed album from an altered circular saw blade:

Last time I was walking down the store, searching for something to fix the toilet and I saw these shiny big circular saw blades staring right at me. :) I couldn't help it but to see the shining sun in them :D So I went home and asked my husband if he has any left that he doesen't use anymore. He said no. :( So I went and bought one. My husband thought I was crazy. When he saw I was coloring it in yellow, well... I don't quite know what he thought then... he smiled and went out of the room. :D And I stayed behind my desk for the next couple of hours making a sun shaped album in a box out of it. I have to say I totally love it and I hope you will too. There is also a video tutorial available on my youtube channel, for all of you, who want to check out if that is a real saw blade. :D

And here goes my video tutorial, that is also available on my youtube channel:

Fairie House in the Secret garden

My second project I want to share with you today is an off the page project - Fairie House in the Secret Garden. I've used lots of chipboards to put it together and four different Graphic 45 collections, all between my favourite of theirs - Botanical Tea Deluxe edition, Once upon a Springtime Deluxe edition and new gorgeous Fairie dust and Floral Shoppe collections. There was a looooot of fussy cutting involved here, good thing I love to fussy cut these gorgeous Graphic 45 papers!

My past Graphic 45 projects

I would like to offer you to take a minute and have a look at my video on my youtube channel, where I put together some of my favourite past Graphic 45 projects. You might remember some of them, some were also featured on Graphic 45 social media channels and I am very honoured by that!

For those of you who know my work, know also that my biggest passion lies in combining mixed media tehniques to alter unusual objects and adding details with gorgeous papers and embellishments. Off the page projects are my passion. But they do require a lot of time and hard work, so sometimes I love to relax and just play with my craft supplies. This is the time when I mostly love to make layouts, tags and art journal pages.

I can only hope that I would be so lucky to get the amazing opportunity to become a part of the amazing Graphic 45 family for this year! Thinking about it it almost feels surreal that this could happen. But it would be one of my biggest dreams come true. So please my dear sweet friends... cross your fingers for me and leave me some love here, it would mean a world to me! Good luck to all applying for the term!

See you soon! Big hugs,

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  1. Čudovita izdelka in držim pesti, da ti letos uspe.
    Objem ❤️

  2. Amazing projects :) Good luck! :)

  3. wow! stunning works, so many beautiful details. Good luck dear :)

  4. SO beautiful!! So many details, and wonderful pieces! I am just so amazed by your talent! Gorgeous!!!

  5. great designs!!! was impressed with everything! very unusual!!!!! water on the box-stunned!!!!

  6. Beautiful, stunningly beautiful!

  7. Thank you for sharing these amazing heartfelt projects with us. Your talent is truly inspiring. Happy Papercrafting!

  8. Congratulations! Your projects are gorgeous and I'm so happy for you that you will be a Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador!

  9. Oh my goodness! Congratulations and thank you for the video of your beautiful projects. I watched it through with a cup of tea.. what a lovely way to start the day. Lifts the soul. x


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